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Community Outreach

Does your practice have a community outreach program for new moms that you would like to share in our resources section? Email me and I’ll add it!


If you’re a physical therapist and looking for ways to reach out to new moms in your community, send me a message with the subject line “I want to help.” I’ll send you a list of ways you can reach out to new moms in your community.

 I’m a New Mom, Too

Maybe you’re a new mom, too. If you’re a physical therapist looking for a way to scale back or temporarily leave the clinic but want to stay connected to your peers, keep up on your continuing education for licensure, stay up to date with the latest research and practice changes, and even add a new dimension to your capabilities, send me a message.


I’ll send you ideas for staying connected while scaling back and helping fellow moms in your community, and it’s up to you how involved you want to be. I’ll also send a curated list of continuing education courses (some with discount codes) that are relevant to both your career as a PT and you as a new mom.


Instead of returning to the clinic a few years after a mommy-hood hiatus dated and rusty, I want you to return to the clinic in a few years connected to a network, with new knowledge, up to date on the research, and with skills you’ve maintained and even improved. Once we have enough interest, we’ll start a closed Facebook group for collaboration.


P.S. I’m not charging anybody for these suggestions, ideas, or advice. I can’t pay for your CEUs or other programs I’ll suggest to you (and I’m not sponsored by any of them), but you won’t pay me for lists or roadmaps. Instead I’d love for you to volunteer a guest blog post or give me expert nuggets you have from your own experience. If we put our heads together, we can get the best information possible out to moms who need our help!

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