Big News

Big News

So I’ve been busy lately – with two big developments.


The first development is my third pregnancy – I’m due in April! 🙂

The second is something I know has been a long time coming and that a lot of moms and physical therapists have been searching for: an official forum for physical therapists to share research-based information about the evaluation, treatment, and wellness of pregnant and postpartum women in the form of a Special Interest Group.  And that project is due in February of 2018!

Pregnancy and Postpartum Special Interest Group (SIG)

Since I started this website, I’ve gotten so many emails from physical therapists from around the world who are from so many clinical specialty backgrounds looking for ways they can help moms in their own communities.  I reached out to the Section on Women’s Health (SoWH) of the American Physical Therapy Association to find out about starting a Special Interest Group on the topic – to bring us all together at one table.  And guess what?  They loved the idea.

We immediately launched a task force to set up all the paperwork and administrative details so the SIG can come together by February of 2018.  We envision a SIG that is made up of physical therapists from a variety of clinical backgrounds, including women’s health, sports, orthopedics, pediatrics, tactical, and more.  The more diverse our clinical specialties, the more holistic the knowledge we share with each other and with the mothers we help.

The future of this website

This website will be renovated to include research-based posts and articles from physical therapists from a variety of clinical backgrounds. We’ll keep all of the current research-based posts and articles as well as the best resources – like how to find the right kind of PT for your needs in your own community.

This should be a gold-mine packed with research-based, practical, and helpful information for mothers who are pregnant or postpartum, no matter how many years after pregnancy.


What will happen to all of the exercise videos and printables?

We’ll get rid of all of my personal posts and information, printables, and videos that pertain to my book.  Don’t worry – all of that information will be embedded into the updated e-book, which will update automatically on your e-reader device when the new website goes live (likely in February 2018).  If you purchased a hardcopy book, an e-book is free to you on Amazon.  Also, once the new website goes live, all proceeds from my book will be donated to the SIG.

Here’s what we need from moms:

Do you have questions you’d like to see answered by a subject-matter expert?  Please send me a topic and I’ll add it to our growing list of articles and posts for our SIG members.

Here’s what we need from physical therapists:

We’re looking for physical therapists to fill positions on our executive committee.  Specifically, we’ll need a Chair, a Vice-Chair, a Secretary, and a Journal Club Coordinator.  I’m volunteering to manage the outreach website – but that volunteer position needn’t be a one-woman shop.  If you’re interested in helping out in any of these capacities, please send me a message!

We’re also looking for topics you’d like to blog about.  Do you have experience in or knowledge about mechanical infertility?  Running after pregnancy?  Diastasis recti?  Hit me up with your topic suggestions and we’ll add your posts and articles to the new site!  You’re welcome to sign off your post or article with your name and clinic or program information so that moms from your own community (and beyond) can find you.  Email me with your ideas.

I’m so excited for this new journey to begin, and I’m so happy to have found so many people just as excited as me to work with!

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