Science and Research

When it comes to our postpartum bodies,

women want one thing.

• We want our bodies back •

Aaaand… I should mention that means we want our bodies to move like our inner athlete has been dreaming about for the past 9 months, we want to exercise without worrying about milk supply, we want to inspire that precious new baby to love movement too, we want to lift our baby without back pain, we want to wear a bathing suit without strategic ruffles, we don’t want to pee when we laugh, and we want to do all of that without feeling mommy guilt for taking time for ourselves.

Healthy-and-Quick-Everything-FitDoes that sound simple? You’re right, it’s not.


Exercise after pregnancy is complicated, and it’s hard. Because women leave the hospital after giving birth with very little information about resuming exercise, we must cobble together the answers on our own.


Meanwhile, there are decades of research on the topic available to medical providers, but no unifying medical voice to put all of that information together in a practical, step-by-step guide. I’m here to change all that by digging through the research and breaking it down for you, and incorporating it into a comprehensive workout progression.


You can find all of the details in my book, but I’ll give you the skinny on the basics here.



Here’s what you can find in this section:

Anatomy and physiology of pregnancy basics

Motor control during and after pregnancy

Benefits for mom

Benefits for baby

Diastasis recti

How to test your core muscles

Breastfeeding and exercise

Strong bones for moms

Incontinence (leaks and accidents) after pregnancy

Vaginal tearing

HEALTHY AND QUICKHealthy-and-Quick-Everything-Fit


A Step by Step Guide to
Exercise After Pregnancy

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