Mini Programs

The whole program, available with the book or e-book Healthy and Quick & Everything Fit, includes a blend of rehabilitative, functional, and injury prevention exercises.  Each circuit is designed to be a complete workout.


Maybe you don’t want a full circuit workout – perhaps you’re happy with your current exercise program and just need a few targeted exercises, or maybe you just don’t have the time to do a full workout every day right now.


The mini-programs are perfect options for you.  Both are slimmed down versions of the full program that include just 3 exercises per day, but progress through 10 levels, just like the full program.

Quick Fix Plan Cover - landscape

The Quick-Fix Plan is for moms who need just a few exercises each day that are specifically designed for post-baby rehabilitation.  This printable program targets key areas and movement patterns most affected by pregnancy and childbirth, whether immediately after delivery or years later.  The Quick-Fix Plan includes just 3 exercises per day, but progresses through 10 levels and includes links to exercise videos just like the full program.


Pick Me Up Plan

The Pick-Me-Up Plan is for moms who want just a few exercises each day to add strength training to their regular routine.  With just 3 exercises per day, it’s pretty simple to fit into your usual routine.  The Pick-Me-Up Plan also includes core drill exercises, 10 progressive levels, and video links, just like the full program.


Both mini-programs are available in the store.

Before You Start


Get the go-ahead from your physician or midwife first

Of course, before starting this program, you should be cleared by your physician to begin exercise.  If you had a C-section, delivered multiples, or were on bed rest, there are specific progressions for your situation.  You should start there before beginning either mini-program.


Watch the prerequisite videos

Click the links to watch The Ground Rules and The Basics Series. After watching The Basics Series you’ll know the moves to get started.


Check for diastasis recti

If you have diastasis recti (separation of your abdominal muscles), you must address that with your physical therapist or physician, or use an appropriate program designed to fix a diastasis recti before starting this plan.

  • Learn how to check for diastasis recti here.
  • If you have a diastasis recti, many of the exercises in this plan are planks or in the plank position and can make the problem worse.
  • Once a diastasis recti has healed, you can start this program, but continue to check and monitor your belly regularly.  If you notice a gap widening, stop the exercises and see a physical therapist.

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Exercise After Pregnancy