Update to the Update

Update to the Update

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season this year.

In the last post, I gave an update about the future plans for this website, and I have an update to the update!  Instead of this site serving as the new site for the Pregnancy and Postpartum Special Interest Group (PPSIG) for the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), only some of the content from this site will move to the new PPSIG website, which will be a brand new site built from the ground up.  You can watch for updates at the Section on Women’s Health of the APTA.

My website will transition in the next few weeks into a static home for all of the videos, handouts, and supplemental information for the book, Healthy and Quick and Everything Fit, A Step-by-Step Guide to Exercise After Pregnancy.  Static means no blog posts, no research updates – those will all be happening over at the PPSIG website.  My website will also have a new name: www.healthyquickfit.com, but don’t worry – you’ll be redirected automatically with the old Everymomathletics website name.

Once the website transitions, all book proceeds for Healthy and Quick and Everything Fit, A Step-by-Step Guide to Exercise After Pregnancy will be donated to the Section on Women’s Health of the American Physical Therapy Association.  Also, all of the items in the store will be available for free with the passcode in your book – so anyone who purchases the book will have free access to all videos and handouts.  Anything that’s freely available now will still be freely available after the website makeover.

For all research updates, research-based articles (including many moved from my website) and blog posts about pregnancy and postpartum from physical therapists across the country, the PPSIG site will be the new home once it’s built this spring.  If you’re a physical therapist and interested in joining the conversation, please fill out the form here.

Since there won’t be a blog or regular updates on this site anymore, you can find me over at the new PPSIG website or through Transformation Media Books.  As soon as the PPSIG site is built, I’ll add a link on my website. What an exciting year ahead!

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